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Our focus at DRL is on high performance replacement dynamo regulators to control the output of classic vehicle dynamos (generators). We pride ourselves on being the present day prime innovators in electronic dynamo regulator design. Our primary product is the DVR2 voltage regulator (formerly known under the 'manortec' brand). The DVR2 is suited to many varieties of motorcycle... Almost all British marques and some of other provenance.

Take a close look at our range of rugged Voltage Regulators. Also our high quality dynamo belt drive kit for BSA A7/A10 twins, available from stock.

Why another solid state regulator?

Dynamo Regulators Ltd Designer & Director, Mike Hutchings:

"Some years ago I converted to a 12 Volt electrical system on my 1960 BSA A10, employing a commonly available electronic regulator. At the same time I fitted electronic ignition to replace a worn out auto advance unit and tired magneto. With the updated ignition now dependant upon battery charge the efficiency of its charging system became critical. The regulator I had chosen struggled from the start to maintain a decent charge rate. At one stage I ended up with a flat battery during daytime riding. No lights, just the ignition drain of about 2 Amps (plus the low speed redundant 2A field current) was a problem following much local bimbling around. Fitting a belt drive kit to increase the dynamo speed by 25% or so helped. But as an electronics designer I realised that a better regulator solution should be possible."

"Following some serious development effort the first DVR was produced and proved very effective on the A10, and then on a number of other machines. Charge balancing speeds were a good 20% or more lower, and regulation across the rev. range improved. Headlight drain balanced at 10 mph slower in top gear on the BSA....a real result! The improved charge can clearly be observed at the ammeter. A refined unit has subsequently been designed which uses highly reliable Surface Mount components, and with added circuit protection against mis-connections and overload. This design is the version now available as the DVR2."

Mike is an active member of the BSA Owners' Club, and has owned and ridden BSA's (and other bikes) all his adult life. He is a Chartered Engineer (Electronics) with an industrial background in Aero industry product development (engine accessories), sensor design and Condition Monitoring (oil analysis).

DVR2 vs VReg2 graph

The graph shows the output voltage from a Lucas E3L dynamo (unmodified '6V' unit with 60 Watt rating) across a range of speeds for the DVR2 and another common regulator. A 40 Watt bulb was used as a test load. The much higher output from the DVR2 between 2,500 and 3,500 makes a huge difference in the effective battery charging at modest dynamo speeds. (Typically equating to road speeds of 35 to 50 mph on many popular classics.)

Read some more background about the DVR2 and its development in a Real Classic Regulator magazine article published in January 2009. (Visit the Real Classic Magazine website).

There are many references to the DVR2 on various classic marque newsgroups - just use the forum's search facilities. Just as one example; The BSA A7-A10 Forum

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A number of businesses use our electronic regulator units and fit them inside original regulator shells to maintain original appearance. If in doubt please ask who supplies their regulators. It may also be of interest to search the web for references to our DVR2 to view a growing number of articles showing users own fitment of our regulators.