May 31, 2019:

Dynamo Regulators Ltd will be closed for business until 12th June. Sorry for lack of prior notice

May 27, 2019:

Dynamo Regulators is very pleased to announce that it has agreed to licence all aspects of manufacturing and marketing for the DVR3 & 4 regulators to a Dynamic new Company. The aim is to complete the transfer during July. Unfortunately, due to changed circumstances DRL is unable to accept further orders for the DVR3 & 4 products with immediate effect. Please note that DVR2 availability is not affected by these changes. We are sorry for any inconvenience during the transfer period. Further details will be posted here when these are available.


Dynamo Belt Drive Kit

Dynamo Drive Belt Kit


Dynamo belt drive kit for BSA A7 / A10 & Ariel Huntmaster. Extra wide (15 mm) toothed belt with 20 % increase over standard gearing for improved low speed charge rate especially at 12 V.

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In-Line Fuse Holder

In-Line fuse & Holder


We strongly recommend fitting a fuse on your charging system if not already present. This is a neat and tough fuseholder to do the job.

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Heatsink (for DVR3™ & DVR4™)


This self adhesive heat-sink provides a good means of cooling, when placed in a fresh air stream.

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