Autolite Regulator for Willys & Ford Jeeps

electronic regulator & cut-out: Autolite replacement, Type A or B Field


Autolite Regulator


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Description and features of the Autolite replacement regulator

Dynamo Regulators now offers a replacement electronic dynamo regulator assembly for Autolite 2 brush generators. This takes the form of a heavy duty circuit board baseplate, onto which is mounted the appropriate DVR3 or DVR4 regulator unit. Terminals are matt finish stainless with the legends ARM, FIELD and BAT engraved and 5/16" UNF holes for connections. The 6 mounting holes are sized and position to provide drop in replacement for an old base, and the job is completed using the original cover to give near identical to original appearance. A choice of 6 or 12 V and output current values of up to 40 Amps is available, as well as choice of Type A or Type B field connection to suit your generator. The field winding resistance must be greater than 2.5 ohms.

The Type B version is suited for use on Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps and other Autolite equipped vehicles of the period. Type B is where one end of the field windings is connected to common 'earth' (also known as 'shunt' field or grounded field connection). Type A is the more common Autolite field connection; one end of the field is connected to the 'live' brush (sometimes referred to as 'series' or hot field, or ground side regulation).

DRL employs the best available design techniques to ensure a robust and reliable design, using latest electronic components assembled using 'surface mount' technology. Our well proven regulators are electrically rugged and will survive the majority of accidental wiring faults. The cut-out isolation is achieved using a highly efficient MOSFET transistor, instead of a high power diode or unreliable relay contacts. This design feature gives a cut-out function with very low forward voltage loss, and therefore 'best in class' heat dissipation, and very low leakage current (compared with any cut-out diode) when the dynamo is not charging.

Installation of the regulator is fairly self explanatory. Before fitting the regulator we recommend confirming that your dynamo gives a good output of the correct polarity.

Disconnect the battery or remove fuse to isolate before connecting! Undo the 2 nuts to remove the regulator unit cover. The old relay board can then be unscrewed from the base plate and the new regulator assembly fitted in its place. The three main connections are made by screwing to the terminals. An earth/ground connection is made through the base of the regulator.

View Autolite Regulator data sheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF format)