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The High Performance DVR2 still great value for money. Remember "Buy Cheap - Buy Twice"!
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DVR2™ Regulator suits most motorcycles


Electronic Dynamo Regulator & Cut-Out:
Field to earth (shunt field)


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Fuse and Fuseholder

We also stock a useful in-line fuseholder to accompany the DVR2 regulator. It is important to ensure that a suitable fuse is fitted to help to protect the electrical system from errors and faults, such as connecting the battery in reverse.

Description and features of the DVR2™

The DVR2™ regulator is the well known and well regarded solid state dynamo voltage regulator from Dynamo Regulators Ltd. The DVR2 is primarily suited to classic motorcycle fitment and some other lower output dynamo applications. For example it is suited to duty on practically all dynamo equipped (Lucas or Miller 2 brush) British motorcycles from the 1930's through to the 1960's.

It is a modern electronic 'solid state' replacement for the original electromechanical 'CVC' regulator units on Classic Motorcycles equipped with dynamo electrical generation. It features excellent charge voltage stability from the lowest revs to maximum speed, with zero battery discharge back into the dynamo at low speeds and high tolerance of fault conditions. Fitting a fuse is recommended for best protection.

The DVR2™ promotes better lights & properly charged batteries.

The field winding resistance of the dynamo must be greater than 2.5 ohms.

DVR2™ Specification

The DVR2™ employs a tough aluminium alloy case for excellent heat transfer and robustness

DVR2 case

Robust & reliable, cool running & efficient. More light..... Less heat.

Available in positive and negative earth versions, 6 or 12 V selectable. Set to 6 V by connecting an additional (white) wire, 12 V by leaving it unconnected (insulated). The module is compact and does not run hot. This means it can be fitted as a stand alone unit, in a toolbox or bolted to rear mudguard, etc. or housed in either a Lucas or Miller regulator case, to maintain original appearance.

View DVR2™ data sheet (PDF format)

The DVR2™ is similar in cost to some other regulators but its performance and reliability are superior to these competitors. With the DVR2™ there is no battery discharge into the field winding at low revs. Battery voltage is stable (above cut in speed) regardless of your speed. Your dynamo will start up (and be regulated!) with no or very low battery. Do your research and come to DRL first: why be one of those who buy from us only after a bad experience with one of those 'too good to be true' cheap far east import units? (remember: "Buy cheap, buy twice")