March 2019:

In future DRL will be concentrating on sales and support of the DVR2 regulators, generally suited to motorcycle use. We intend to continue sales and support of our well proven DVR3 and DVR4 products for six months or more, in order not to let down our customers with a bump.

Read more about the change in this post on our 'blog' site.

In-Line fuse & Holder

in line fuse


Fuse Rating

We strongly recommended fitting a fuse with our regulators (and others). This will help to protect the regulator and other electrical components under fault conditions or from wiring mistakes.

We offer an in-line fuseholder and choice of fuse-rating for your convenience. If ordering 10 or 15 Amp fuseholder is mini blade size, 20, 25 & 30 Amp version is standard blade size. Sorry, no 35 or 40 Amp rating available. Only available when purchasing a Regulator.