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Steven Baker, Director

Welcome to Dynamo Regulators' News page

March 28, 2023: I now take pleasure in announcing the Sale and transfer complete of DRL to a new owner/Director. Mr Steven Baker aims to maintain continuity in particular with ongoing sales of the popular DVR2 regulator.
Thank you to all our customers who have helped to make this business what it is.
Mike Hutchings, (former Director)

August 2022: We have sold our last A7/A10 Dynamo Belt Drive Kit, and will not be getting any new stock. This is no reflection on the quality of a great product. Coincidentally we have sold around 650 kits over the past 11 years.
Kits may still be purchased from Steve McFarlane:
See Start Your BSA for details (near bottom of page).
We will maintain a stock of Spare Belts for convenience.

May 2022: We introduce a more mobile friendly version of our website

November 2019: For a couple of weeks it seems our Contact, Questions and Feedback forms were not working. They are again now, and at the same time we have upgraded the site to SSL which provides added security. No change in the normal working of the pages but you will now see "https:" in the URL address box of your browser and no security related warnings. By the way all customer payments have always been made securely by our merchant provider (Paypal).

July 12, 2019: DRL is pleased to announce that it has now signed over all aspects of design, manufacturing and marketing of the DVR3 & 4 regulators to Electro Dynamic Solutions Ltd. Visit their website for more details. Please note that DVR2 availability is not affected by these changes.

April 2019: SMART CUT-OUT news. Those who have mourned DRL dropping the Smart Cut-Out diode from our range will be pleased to know that we recently received this message from The Magneto Guys: "we now have our version of the smart diode cut outs available" smart cut-out available here

February 2019: In future DRL will be concentrating on sales and support of the DVR2 regulators, generally suited to motorcycle use. This represents a return to our roots as the DVR2 was for some time our sole regulator product type. We aim to continue sales and support of our well proven DVR3 and DVR4 products for six months or more, in order not to let down our customers with a bump.

August 2018: We ask customers, if at all possible, to place orders via this website. This method is more secure & efficient, and less prone to errors than telephone ordering. There have been one or two frustrating issues of late with incorrect or incomplete information being taken over the 'phone.