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Dynamo Regulators product range

We believe that the performance of our electronic regulators surpasses that of other products available at any price. Key features are precise regulation, good low speed cut-in (and no low speed discharge unlike some), fault protection, efficiency (=cool running) and small size. High energy voltage spike protection is incorporated. Accidental reverse battery protection is assured when used according to the instructions included with every regulator. All of our regulators incorporate the cut-out function. (More details toward bottom of this page.)

Clear instructions are provided with all our products including connection diagrams. These are supplemented by the additional information on this website. DRL regulators are easy to fit by a typical classic vehicle enthusiast. Their robust & attractive alloy cases look good on show, or they can readily be incorporated into an original control box if preferred. Join the thousands of enthusiasts worldwide, using DRL Regulator Products, proven in use over many years.

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The DVR2™ regulator is our well known highly regarded electronic dynamo voltage regulator for most motorcycle and other lower output dynamos.

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In-Line Fuse Holder

In-Line fuse & Holder


We strongly recommend fitting a fuse with a DVR2, if not already present. This is a neat and tough fuse-holder to do the job.

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The DVR3 and DVR4 are no longer available from DRL
The details below are included for reference only. They are now marketed by Electrodynamic Solutions Ltd. Visit their website for more details.



The DVR3™ is a high output electronic dynamo regulator & cut-out with current limit up to 22 Amps. It suits many classic cars, tractors and watercraft with dynamos requiring live side regulation, that is with one end of the field winding connected to earth, e.g. Lucas.



The DVR4™ is a high output, current limited up to 22 Amps, electronic dynamo regulator & cut-out for so called 'series' connected field dynamos (e.g. Bosch & other European makes). That is dynamos requiring earth side regulation, with one end of the field winding connected to the live output brush.

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DRL's regulators feature surface mounted high temperature rated components, machine soldered onto quality printed circuit boards (PCB) with heavy duty copper layer. The PCB assemblies are produced by UK based subcontract manufacturers to conform to all relevant manufacturing standards. We mount the PCB assemblies in machined Aluminium cases to ensure excellent heat transfer. The potting used provides complete protection from mechanical and thermal stresses as the regulators will often be situated in extreme engine bay conditions. We never use unreliable components in our designs, such as electrolytic capacitors or even worse potentiometer adjusters which will degrade or lose adjustment over a period of use (due to heat cycling and vibration). Similarly you will not find microcontrollers in any of our regulators: the necessary functionality is most elegantly and reliably achieved using well established analogue techniques. The regulation itself results from a low loss switching technique.

Every individual regulator is fully tested prior to dispatch, usually on our motorised dynamo test rig. Mainly with our in-house designed electronic load simulator, which conveniently reproduces the worst case conditions which may be encountered in use. (The DVR3 and 4 units employ high current MOSFET transistors to provide the cut-out function. This approach gives these units their very low heat dissipation: less than 3 Watts total at 22 Amp output, so the units run notably cool, even with continuous full output current. It also means more power is available to the electrical loads on the vehicle and from lower speed.)

The compact nature of the regulators allows them to be fitted inside most sorts of original regulator enclosures. The DVR2 will fit inside an MCR1, MCR2, RB107 or RB108 case for example. (The DVR3 comfortably fits inside an RB106 or RF95 case and of course the later and larger RB310 & RB340 series.)

The compact size of our regulators helps to make the change to electronic regulation very straightforward, and practical for most enthusiasts with a little electrical ability. But please heed our advice: If in any doubt please employ the services of a qualified auto-electrician, or other competent person.

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