Welcome to Dynamo Regulators' 'news' page

July 24th 2021: I have tested positive to the CoViD virus and must isolate until Tuesday, 3rd August. Quite a surprise to me as I have no symptoms (and had second jab weeks ago). My Wife has cold symptoms with a pronounced cough hence going for PCR tests but hers was Negative... go figure. So we are able to process orders but not to get them in the Post for a week or so. Stay safe (but no cowering now) Mike H

July 2021: As a result of postal disruption and delays we will now be sending all items to European destinations using tracked postal service. Due to EU tightening of imported goods VAT rules and 'Brexit' regulation changes customers may be liable to additional VAT & other charges upon receipt. As a small business DRL will continue to look for improved solutions to sending to EU countries compatible with the modest value of our European trading.

May 2021: Reluctantly we will be increasing the price of DVR2 regulators with effect 1st May. New price will be £50 (plus postage). The £2 rise is equivalent to about 1% per year since our last increase, and is due to widespread component and related cost increases

July 2020: COVID-19 Update. We are now posting Overseas Orders twice a week.

August 2020: Due to ongoing postal delays and increased risk of loss we will now send all orders (value over £50) to destinations outside Europe ('RoW'), by insured tracked and/or signed service as available. We consider that the extra £3 is worth it for improved service including tracking information.

May 2020: We have resumed sending Orders Overseas. But we are only sending these out once per week. The pandemic is causing widespread disruption and delay of postal services. This situation will persist for the foreseeable future (months?). We will post these orders on Thursdays or Fridays, please be patient in case of inevitable delays.

UK orders will be treated much as normal. Most regulator orders will be sent out promptly (same day if ordered before noon) where we are able to apply the correct postage stamps. But as we have reduced our usually daily trips to the Post Office down to one per week Special Delivery items (such as belt drive kits) and multiple orders may not be dispatched as quickly as usual.

DRL is happily able continue to work entirely within all the changing government guidelines. Happy to contributing to a practical and absorbing activity, helping our customers to pass the time and reduce stress during this indeterminate and uniquely disrupted period.

February 2020: Add 7.5 Amp fuse option, more suitable for protecting lower power dynamos.
Remove Google Analytics from the site. I find I don't use it, and it has probably always been more valuable to Google than to myself. A small move towards improved privacy.

November 2019: For a couple of weeks it seems our Contact, Questions and Feedback forms were not working. They are again now, and at the same time we have upgraded the site to SSL which provides added security. No change in the normal working of the pages but you will now see "https:" in the URL address box of your browser and no security related warnings. By the way all customer payments have always been made securely by our merchant provider (Paypal).

You may also find the DRL 'blog' site at dynamoregulators.co.uk of some interest.

July 12, 2019: DRL is pleased to announce that it has now signed over all aspects of design, manufacturing and marketing of the DVR3 & 4 regulators to Electro Dynamic Solutions Ltd. Visit their website electrodynamicsolutions.com for more details.

May 27, 2019: Dynamo Regulators is very pleased to announce that it has agreed to licence all aspects of manufacturing and marketing for the DVR3 & 4 regulators to a great new company. The aim is to complete the transfer during July. Unfortunately, due to changed circumstances DRL is unable to accept further orders for the DVR3 & 4 products with immediate effect. Please note that DVR2 availability is not affected by these changes. We are sorry for any inconvenience during the transfer period. Further details will be posted here when these are available.

April 2019: SMART CUT-OUT news. Those who have mourned DRL dropping the Smart Cut-Out diode from our range will be pleased to know that we recently received this message from The Magneto Guys: "we now have our version of the smart diode cut outs available" smart cut-out available here

February 2019: In future DRL will be concentrating on sales and support of the DVR2 regulators, generally suited to motorcycle use. This represents a return to our roots as the DVR2 was for some time our sole regulator product type. We aim to continue sales and support of our well proven DVR3 and DVR4 products for six months or more, in order not to let down our customers with a bump.

February 12th: I aim to streamline our business and focus on our DVR2 regulators (primarily aimed at motorcycle use). Therefore I am seeking to exclusively licence our popular DVR3 & DVR4 products to a Professional Business; one with the appropriate technical and commercial skills and ambition. If interested please contact me for a confidential chat.

4th February: Resuming operations after an enforced break, and well on the road to recovery. We will start to clear up the backlog of orders and enquiries right away, and hope to have caught up by the end of this week. The DVR2 is the most straightforward to get out; DVR3 and 4 orders involve more work stages and are likely to be slower to get on top of. Your patience will be very much appreciated. If you ordered during our shutdown period (after 17th January) be assured that yours will be with you in just a few days. Before contacting us please read through these pages thoroughly to see if your issue is addressed. Thank you.

January 2019: DRL will be shut for all business, correspondence & calls beginning Thursday 17 Jan until at least Monday 4th February (as the result of ongoing health matters).
We shall endeavour to process & dispatch any orders received by Tuesday 15th January, subject to stock availability. Sorry for the inconvenience the shut-down may cause our valued customers. Check this page for any updates.
For the time being our Autolite/JEEP regulator and higher current and custom versions of the DVR3 & 4 regulators are not available. These products are the most time consuming of our product offerings, and we are really pushed for time to address all demands for the foreseeable future, well into 2019. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our valued customers. Any updates will be posted promptly on this site. Please note that DVR3 and DVR4 8/11/16 & 22 Amp variants are still available as usual.

November 2018: We have added instructions via FAQ page for testing the regulation of a DVR2 (for the electrically experienced)

October 2018: The DVR2-D and Smart Cut-out have been discontinued. Once again sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The DVR4 Negative Earth 12V/8A regulator may be used as alternative to the DVR2-D; electrically equivalent in a shallower case style.

September 2018: The DVR2-D (due to availability issues) and our Smart Cut-out are to be discontinued when current stock has sold out. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The DVR4 Negative Earth 12V/8A regulator may be used as alternative to the DVR2-D; electrically equivalent in a shallower case style.

August 2018: We ask customers, if at all possible, to place orders via this website. This method is more secure & efficient, and less prone to errors than telephone ordering. There have been one or two frustrating issues of late with incorrect or incomplete information being taken over the 'phone.

February 2018: DRL will no longer be open for business on Wednesdays until further notice. Messages and website orders will be processed promptly on Thursdays.

November 2017: DRL introduces a complemetary 'blogging' site (experimental and modest at this stage) entitled DVR Talk. Looking forward to any comments you may have.

September 17th 2017: We Re-Open for business. We have a considerable backlog of stuff to get through, so please be patient as service may not be as quick as usual.

September 6th to 15th 2017: We will be closed for business for this 10 day period (to recharge our batteries!!). We will aim to dispatch stock items ordered by noon on the 5th before shutting up shop. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

August 2017: With Effect August 1st 2017: Following several years of holding prices, despite continuing big component cost increases, prices on most of our products will rise. The increase (about 4%) is equivalent to about 1% per year over the past 4 years.

March 2017: A full range of regulators available. 6 or 12 V, up to 40 Amp output, Field to Live or to Earth, most immediately available from stock.

Despite continuing price increases from various of our suppliers (and as long as our sales continue to grow) we aim to hold our prices. On the positive side, since the value of the pound fell we have seen increasing demand from overseas customers.

Jan 2017: NEW PRODUCT: Autolite/Jeep regulator assembly available. 6 or 12 V, up to 40 Amp output. Authentic looks, dependable replacement screw-in assembly. Available now.

July 2016: Higher current (30 & 40 A) and custom current limit versions of the DVR3P 'field to earth' regulator. Now all DVR3 & DVR4 regulators, Negative or Positive earth are available with up to 40 Amp output.

June 2016: Higher current (30 & 40 A) and custom current limit DVR4 regulator variants join the range. Again with the same exceptionally low heat generation.

April 2016: DRL are pleased to announce higher current (30 & 40 A) and custom current limit versions of the DVR3N regulator. Exceptionally low heat generation.

30 A fuse option added and fuse-holder price reduced from £5 to £4. Watch for bigger news to come shortly. . .

March 2016: Back to normal today, 22nd March, more or less. Backlog of orders from our shutdown may delay dispatch of some orders

We will be reorganising the business and unable to dispatch orders or deal with enquiries for the period Monday 14th to Monday 21st March inclusive. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Any orders placed during this time will be dispatched promptly as soon as possible afterwards.

Orders placed before Friday 11th will be dispatched normally.

January 2016: We have introduced a Positive Earth version of the DVR4 to suit many US made cars, with Type A field connection Delco/Autolite generators.

The DVR2-D replaces the DVR2-S, with a new data sheet with more detailed information. The rename to -D from -S is more accurate and descriptive of the Dynastart version of our regulator. Furthermore the price is now slightly reduced.

Some European and Further afield postage prices have also been trimmed a little.

The reduced postage rates makes multiple orders made up of any mix of items cheaper. The former more restricted 5% discount on second and further identical items has now been scrapped